Research Area

 Our research area includes the preparation and characterization of compound semiconducting thin films. Reactive evaporation which is a variant of Gunther’s three temperature method is employed as the deposition technique. structural, morphological, interfacial, optical and electrical characterizations are studied so as to explore the suitability of the prepared thin films to proposed applications.
We have successfully prepared and characterized the following compound thin films
1. Transparent conducting oxides like SnO2, In2O3 and ITO. And metal oxide such as Bi2O3, Al2O3
2. Binary and Ternary metal-chalcogenide semiconducting thin films like CuS, SnS, PbS, PbTe, SnTe, Bi2Te3, AgSe, PbSe, Cu7Se4, In2Se3, SnSe, AgSbSe2, PbSb2Se4, CuInSe2, In2S3 and InSbSe3
3. Chalcopyrite ordered vacancy compounds (e.g: CuIn3Se5, CuIn7Se12, CuIn5Se8)
Our recent interest is in the development, characterization and optimization of metal chalcogenide semiconducting thin films like AgSbSe2, PbSb2Se4, CuInSe2, In2S3 and InSbSe3 doped with suitable metals. These materials have very good applications in solar cell fabrication. Presently we are investigating the ways of replacing the conventional CdS buffer layer with suitable metal-chalcogenide thin films such as In2S3 and SnS2.